A downloadable game for Windows

Operation method & rules:

1. The front and back sides of each plane in the game scene are cities (villages) and forests, and the plane and another plane are at an angle of 90 degrees. Yin is inward and yang is outward. Corresponds to cities and forests: Yin symbolizes barren vegetation and decaying cities; and Yang represents lush forests and developed cities.

Using the mouse to drag and rotate the two planes that are 90 degrees to each other, will change this internal and external (yin and yang) relationship.

2. The entire game object is a entirety, and the entirety could be rotated 90 degrees along different axes, and the objects (city and forest) on each plane will move sequentially along the rotation axis.

Use the mouse to drag and rotate the lower left corner cube to achieve this overall rotation.

3. When all cities (villages) become developed cities (all facing outward), enter the next level.


1.游戏场景中的每个平面的正反两面分别为城市(村镇)与森林,平面与平面之间呈90度夹角。向内为阴,朝外为阳。对应到城市和森林上:阴象征着荒芜的植被、衰败的城市 ;而阳代表着茂盛的森林、发达的城市 。






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